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Battle Field

We are back at it again Army and life is great. I wanted to start with giving you all an update on our status. We completed our third cycle of chemotherapy last week. Basically, we go in every 14 days on a Wednesday and spend about 3 hours hooked up to our medicine, there are two different ones. Once we are complete we are given a third one in a beautiful Rangers Blue (my high school homies will get this one) fanny pack that I get to take home with me. This one pushes the potion into my system for about two days and then it is taken off on that Friday. When the chemo is done on Friday, that is the time that we feel a little bit off and it is nice to be able to go home and rest. There are some side effects, like drinking a cold drink and feeling like you swallowed glass shards, honestly I couldn’t stop laughing the last time this happened because it just felt so odd and actually hurt. I must be crazy because I found this hilarious along with numbness and tingles in my fingers when I grab anything cold. Anyways, the ill feeling lasts through most of Saturday and then we can feel our body start to say, ‘Ok enough of this, time to rock and feel 100 again.’ When I say ‘ill feeling’ trust me it’s not bad at all. Nothing a little medicinal Cali blend doesn’t tackle, shout out to the CFL crew here. From there on its uphill and the body getting back to 100% within days.

We spoke to Dr. Milani last Thursday who is an amazing person and doctor. We are protected and are in good hands with this beast of an Oncologist. He seemed to be happy with how our body was reacting to the Chemo, and hopefully this means the cancer is actually showing a reaction as well. (Word just tried to autocorrect the word cancer with a capital C, that bitch doesn’t deserve that). We will go in again on Wednesday and then have our first CT scan taken after we began chemo. The goal here is to ensure the cancer has not grown and either has been contained or shows regression. Dr. Milani said he hopes, along with us, that we can restage after a positive reading. WE ARE WINNING ARMY. Regardless, of the outcome of this first CT we are winning and will continue to WIN, that is the only option in life.

We were given the green light to work out and run and basically live life to the fullest. This is such a blessing as that is not an option or possible for many in our position.

We were officially told by one of the many amazing chemo nurses to stop walking into her chemo room acting like we are the MAYOR or something. To that we told her we owned that room the first moment we walked in and she rolled her eyes and said we are “crazy fool”. We love her and we know she loves us. The battle field can get a little dark at times but when the WINNING army shows up, the sun begins to shine brighter and you can see the shirts start to come undone and the S underneath appears. Our S stands for Strength and it is our duty to ensure we fight for every member in there, put them on our backs, and bring out the inner fight that we know they have. This can only be accomplished if we believe it daily in all aspects of our life and everyone’s fight regardless of what it is. That is how we will win our fight. That is how we will help others win their fight today, and after we are victorious in ours, we will grow a bigger stronger army to build the S all over.

She along with all the other nurses and doctors have chosen out of their own will to fight on the FRONT line of our army. Are there any words you could even say to that, so I say THANK YOU to anyone in the medical profession. You are our Navy Seals.

I will end today’s update by saying we are surrounded by our loved ones that are fighting something. Whether it is excess drinking, eating issues, medical issues or anything else let’s not allow them to fight alone. Remember this is an ARMY and no army wins alone. Find the inner strength in them and bring it out. Your mind is amazing and it will allow you to overcome any obstacle in life. We just need to let it happen. Love you all and lets rock on to the 4th round of chemo and take the next part of the battle field over.


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