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Thanks to the Homies

A Huge Thank you

It breaks my selfish heart that for you, the only choice was to pull that trigger on yourself to relieve your pain. The Army says thank you, because of you, we take notice of mental health issues and hope to help others that may be in your situation today and forever. I got yall’s attention here didn’t I?

That injection you took daily taught us something. The fight you put up to live a completely normal and active life was honorable. Your plan was to make an impact, then move on in God’s hands to help other. Due to your blessings your family and friends have raised 100’s of thousands of dollars for Diabetes research. The Army says thank you, because of you, lives are saved, research is done and life is better.

Week in and week out you sat in a chemo room to get your magic potion. Never heard a complaint as you sat steadfast on a mission to survive and live. Due to your strong and powerful heart, research has advanced, lives have been saved, and doctors have learned more through your fight. The Army says thank you as our current fight is being won due to your efforts before us.

Then there is the rest of us. I truly believe some people were put on this earth for a reason, much like the soldiers up above, and the rest to live a ‘normal’ long life. Once the reason is fulfilled, these individuals are called upon by God to help him/her in another purpose filled endeavor. The rest of us carry on with life, ignore much of the items around us that can possibly have an impact later, as we live in a selfish bubble filled with upgraded houses, cars, greed, unwarranted competition over material items and basically making Real Housewives episodes come to real life, how freaking scary and true is that. With all these unnecessary superficial items consuming us, we get into a bubble. We should call ourselves ‘Untouchables’ during these times. We are untouchable from anything potentially life changing effecting us and sadly we truly believe this in that moment.

We feel power when a friend walks in our door and we get to show off the new expensive furniture. We feel power from stating what a bad job that family does in raising their kids. We feel power in talking about how much we money we make. Sadly, we feel power in being the ‘cool’ kid who can out drink anyone else.

What happens if we change this cycle and incorporate what these hero’s basically dedicate their entire lives too. What if we tell God that he doesn’t need to send these angels down, we can hold down the fort? Forget the car, what if we start bragging about how many people we were able to get together on a Saturday to run for a local charity? What if we brag about a 50% increase in volunteers at the homeless shelter from prior year? (There is the year over year comp analysis you have been looking for, God.) What if we brag about how our child decided to step up to bully that was messing with another child? What if we decided we were touchable, we acted on it so we could always be ahead, and in turn truly be ‘untouchable?’

That’s it. Just think about it.

Love ya’ll, Texas Fight, Winners Only can Enter,

Shout out to my homies looking down on us and thank you for letting me use your 3 experiences in today’s blog. Much love and I know you could care less for a thank you, we homies.


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