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Vin’s Fighting again - Strength in Love

Well hello there friends and family. I am writing y’all today as there have been some very interesting items that have come across my plate over the past couple of months and it is time I share it with the people I love the most.

Simply, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer about month and a half ago. For the past year I was just not feeling right. After a hospital visit where the doctors thought all I had was an ulcer, I had multiple tests done after and with God’s blessing the cancer was seen and diagnosed.

Is it alarming, of course, but this is not a death sentence and it is in fact quite the opposite a privilege. From the moment I found out I have not asked many questions. I don’t care to know how good or bad it is and truly don’t have much of a clue. That information will do us no good as the fight we have is going to be won regardless. I have been down to MD Anderson in Houston which is arguably the top Cancer Center in the world and was seen by the best oncologists. I have a plan of action to beat this and the majority of our fight will happen in LA. I can tell you it’s not as simple as a surgery to remove a tumor, but through our plan we can and will beat this.

This is something that affects everyone. Walking through the halls of MD Anderson, sitting at the Kaiser Chemo room with over 15 other individuals receiving their magic potion, really made me realize that almost every family is affected by this at some point. Its sucks that is the case, but it’s the reality.

The other reality is that I was chosen to fight this battle and if that means I ‘take one for the team’ so that the rest of you will only have to deal with this through me exclusively in your life times, I could not ask for a more privileged responsibility. I have all of you to support me and as many of you know, fighting isn’t the most uncommon denominator in my life, let’s not go too far into that though J

I truly have not been very emotional or scared since my diagnosis. Trust me, it is not because I am trying to be strong for my family and y’all. It is completely an honest assessment of how I feel and have reacted. There is nothing to fear here team, this is what we call life and we have to take it as it comes. I am blessed to have the most amazing wife and immediate family any guy could ask for, doesn’t hurt to have Akhil, Amish and Viko visiting and continuing our normal smack talk sessions. The strength they have shown is all I ask for.

Prayers are great and amazing, but please do not pray for me exclusively. I have been given the ability to fight this. There are so many people that are not even given that chance, Orlando nightclub, accidents and so many others. Pray for everyone if prayers are your thing, and pray for everyone going through a fight. We cannot be selfish here and let God’s will take action upon all of us. BTW don’t worry I’m not turning into Mother Teresa or anything, I’m still the same guy that started twirking on stages 15 years before twirking was a thing.

What I am asking for however, is STRENGTH. This is key to life. Be strong for your family, be strong for your friends and be strong for those you do not know. Strength is what allows people to overcome. Strength allows people to live life, fight for life, and move on from difficult situations that life presents. Strength includes a strong body, strong mind and strong intellect. Keep these in the forefront of how we live and all will be good. Don’t worry for me, instead lets grow stronger together every day. That will help me beat this.

Currently, I have gone through one round of Chemo and feel amazing. I was unable to eat properly before this round, and after it my hunger has come back and I am eating more than I have in years. Really, I feel great and I am super excited for my second round next week.

I will keep y’all updated as we go through this process. I LOVE YOU ALL. I just really want you all to know that I LOVE YOU and you are seeing this because you have had an impact on my life and I cherish our relationship.

Please keep your health up and the moment you feel something is not right, get checked out and fight for answers.

COME EARLY, BE LOUD AND STAY LATE!!!! I plan on staying later than everyone else.


Vinit Singh

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